J&M Drive Caps for Impact Hammers

For driving sheet piles, pipe piles, concrete piles, wood piles, etc.

Not all drive caps and inserts are the same. J&M drive caps and inserts preform better on the job and cause less harm to the pile hammers lower cylinder and anvil.

The secret is in the alignment. J&M takes the extra time and money to machine all the surfaces to make sure that everything is perfectly straight and true. We warranty better performance and your next PDA test or your money back.

Three machined surfaces for better performance.

No other manufacture does all three.

WARNING: Driving piles with drive caps or inserts that are not fully machined will result in lower cylinder failure. At J&M, we do not have lower cylinder problems. Why? Because we machine these parts.

Drive cap bases
Description   Leads   Application   Weight(lbs)
DCB 26   26"x8"   D8-22 thru D30-32   1,076
DCB 32   32"x8"   D36-32 Thru D62-22   2,436
DCB 37   37"x8"   D80-23 thru D100-13   2,976

Drive cap inserts
Description   Dimensions   Weight (lbs)
Box Insert 10 inch   11.5"x11.5"x16" deep   981
Box Insert 12 Inch   13.5"x13.5"x16" deep   1,124
Box Insert 14 Inch   15.5"x15.5"x16" deep   1,521
Box Insert 16 Inch   17.5"x17.5"x16" deep   1,664
Box Insert 18 Inch   19.5"x19.5"x16" deep   2,255
Box Insert 20 Inch   21.5"x21.5"x16" deep   2,542
Box Insert 24 Inch   25.5"x25.5"x20" deep   4,837
Sheet Insert DCS-1   (view picture)   1,801
Sheet Insert DCS-5   (view picture)   2,639
H-Beam Insert, Round type, 14 Inch   21" round 7" deep   1,036
H-Beam Insert   Waffle Style   948
Small Pipe Insert, 8/10/12/14   8" pipe up to 14" pipe   595
Large Pipe Insert, 16/18/20/24   16" pipe up to 24" pipe   1,830
Small Wood Insert   13.5" round by 10" deep   893
Large Wood Insert, 15 1/2 diameter (DISCONTINUED)   15.5" round by 8.5" deep   1,014

One-piece Drive caps
Description   Dimensions   Weight (lbs)
Square Box Drive Base, 24 Inch   25.5"x25.5"x19" deep   5,818
Square Box Drive Base, 30 Inch   31.5"x31.5"x24" deep   6,195
Step Taper Follower DCB 32/37   16"pipe up to 30" pipe   2,824
Step Taper Follower DCB 37/42   20"pipi up to 36" pipe   7,055

Cushion Material
Material   Size   Weight (lbs)
Phenolic Pad   22.5" x 1.0"   22
Phenolic Pad   25" x 1.0"   26
Aluminum   22.5" x 0.5"   22
Aliminum   25" x 0.5"   36

Striker plates for diesels
Size   Weight (lbs)
8" x 25"   1,036
6" x 22.5"   628

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