Model 3030 drill Mast

If a cost-effective and convenient project is your desire, J&M has the ability to make it so. Drilling holes for foundation jobs has never been more cost-effective than now. Mounting on an excavator provides the contractor the versatility with the minimum cost. Heavy-duty construction and easy mounting provide for high production and little set-up time, allowing your crew to fulfill their potential.

  • 30' (9.1m) maximum drilling depth
  • 30" (762mm) maximum drilling diameter
  • 30,000 lb (133 kN) extraction force
  • 15,000 lb (66 kN) crowd force
  • Self erecting
  • Designed for excavators of 90,000 lbs and up
  • Uses J&M Model 3060 auger or equal
  • Adjusts fore & aft using excavator cylinder.
  • 10o side-to-side adjustment
  • Controlled by excavator joy-sticks
  • No modifications to excavator hydraulic system
  • Optional 3" (75mm) grout swivel

Technical data - Model 3030 Drill mast
Max. drilling depth 30 ft 9.1 m
Max. drilling diameter 30 in 760 mm
Max. torque 30,000 ft-lb 40 kNm
Crowd stroke 30 ft 9.7 m
Extraction pull with top winch 30,000 lbs 133 kN
Down crowd with rear winch 15,000 lb 66 kN
Weight with J&M 3060 auger and 24"(610mm) flighting 16,200 lb 7350 kg
Minimum excavator weight 90,000 lb 40,000 kg

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