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Now the ultra-reliable, non-electric, Hydraulic Impact Hammers (HIH) manufactured by J&M Foundation Equipment can be equipped with a sophisticated electronic energy monitoring system. Pile driving jobs requiring accurate monitoring and pile documentation need no longer rely on visual stroke observation, unreliable blow counting, and hand written pile charts to satisfy customer requirements.

The monitoring system provided by J&M consists of a rugged, battery powered, energy sensor, which quickly mounts to most J&M impact hammers, and communicates via radio transmitter (NO WIRES) to a hand held Meter/Recorder on the ground. The Meter/Recorder displays energy per blow, total blows, average BPM, and various other engineering information, in either english or metric units. Information is stored for each pile number entered by the inspector. At the end of the day, the Meter/Recorder can be plugged into a computer and the driving record of all piles downloaded for permanent storage. Software provided allows driving records to be printed out in a neat and customer friendly form.

Here’s the best part. Even if the battery were to go “dead”, or the monitoring electronics were to malfunction, pile driving need not stop. Since the operation of the J&M HIH is completely non-electric, and doesn’t rely on any of the energy sensor electronics for its operation, pile driving can proceed without interruption.

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