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Cleveland Ohio's Trash is J&M's Treasure
APE/J&M Northeast has recently delivered 5 J&M Model 115 HIH's to a Cleveland jobsite that is an old garbage landfill that has been capped and a new shopping mall is being constructed on it. Closed end pipe piles are being driven through the trash to support the buildings.

One interesting feature of the piles on this job is that although 10.75" pipe piles are being driven, a 16" shoe is welded on the end of the pile, eliminating all wall friction and making the pile a true end bearing pile. This was designed this way because of a fear that splicing piles could ignite the methane gas that is released as the pile is being driven through the decaying garbage in the ground. The oversize shoe creates a large void between the wall of the pile and the soil and allows the methane to escape.

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