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J&M Model 115 HIH Solves a Steep Batter Problem in Boston
The APE/J&M Northeast office was recently contacted by a Boston area contractor who had a problem. This contractor had a job rebuilding a pier, which required amongst other things the driving of some 20 inch open-ended pipe piles about 150 ft long at a 2 on 1 batter along the footprint of the old pier. The old pier was on wood piles which were to be left in place. The problem was that their vibratory hammer was unable to drive the piles thru the obstructions on the batter piles. These piles needed to be impacted in. The contractor knew that once the piles penetrated past the obstructions and started to run, they would need a hammer that offered them the control that the J&M Model 115 Hydraulic Hammer offers. The ability to give a single stroke, the ability to control the length of stroke, as well as the ability to instantly start and stop the hammer to allow for the frequent realingnment of the offshore leader all factored into the successful driving of these difficult batter piles.

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