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HF Darling Gets Some Good News

HF Darling of Williamsville, NY just got some good news... No they didn't save a bunch of money by switching to Geico... What they did do was increase production on the new Geico office building in Buffalo, NY by switching to a new J&M Model 82 Hydraulic Impact Hammer. The J&M Model 82 uses the same chassis as the J&M 115 HIH, except the ram weight is reduced to 8,200 lbs. This gives the 82 HIH 32,800 ft/lbs of energy.

Darling was driving 10x42 H-Piles for this project. Since full energy was not needed, Darling was able to utilize the fully adjustable stroke control on the J&M 82 HIH and dial in the needed energy to match the parameters of this specific job.

This versatility allows all J&M hammers to be utilized on jobs with different pile types and capacities. MADE IN AMERICA, all J&M hydraulic impact hammers utilize standard leads, drive caps and inserts.

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