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Advanced Design MODEL 230 LEAD SPOTTER at Corman Construction
230 SPOTTER The most powerful lead spotter in its class. Advanced design and the exceptional power of the J&M 230 Spotter allows Corman Construction to accurately position 24 and 18 square concrete piles, including both in and out batters. Smooth operation and a wide range of motion are essential in this congested job site. Heavy piles, plus the J&M Model 220 Hydraulic Impact Hammer and APE 32 leads are easily handled by this high force spotter. Advanced design features provide convenience, safety and long term value.

1. 20 ft. in/out travel and 35 ft. max left/right.
2. Coaxial extension cylinders induce no bending load.
3. All extension cylinders protected inside tubes.
4. No slip walkway & telescoping handrails.
5. Replaceable wear pads
6. Manifold mounted, locking & relief valves.
7. Equal force and speed for in & out extension.
8. Power lead rotation option requires only cylinder.
9. Trucker friendly 8 ft. width.

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